Heritage Stone Ground White Grits – Now in Eco-Friendly Resealable Packaging!


Palmetto Farms Stone Ground White Corn Grits Tradition in Every Bite Since 1934

Savor the authentic Southern flavor with our eco-friendly, stone-ground white corn grits. Crafted from non-GMO corn using traditional milling methods, our grits deliver a rich and creamy taste that’s been cherished for generations. Now in convenient, resealable packaging! Perfect for a wholesome, hearty meal any time.

Experience the legacy of quality with Palmetto Farms.

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Heritage Stone Ground Non-GMO White Corn Grits – Eco-Friendly and Resealable! Celebrating Our Milling Heritage Since 1934

Embrace the bountiful 32 ounces (2 pounds) of our select white corn grits. Each serving brings you the essence of our time-honored milling practices.

Embracing Modernity with Traditional Values! Our commitment, spanning since 1934, takes a leap forward with our environmentally friendly packaging. The use of PCR film in our new bags not only preserves the freshness of our product but also supports sustainability.

Exceptional Qualities of Our Product:

  • Artisanal Milling: Our process involves traditional stone grinding of non-GMO white corn, preserving the legacy of our forebears.
  • Natural, with Minimal Processing: We aspire to maintain the integrity of our corn, ensuring every bite is as authentic as it is delicious.
  • Top-Quality Ingredients: Our selection of non-GMO corn is central to the outstanding taste and texture of our grits.
  • Muslin Cloth Packaging – A Nod to Tradition: While embracing new packaging technology, we also offer our classic, handcrafted muslin cloth bags for those who value the nostalgia and craftsmanship of yesteryears.

Preserving Freshness: We suggest storing our lightly processed grits in your freezer to maintain their peak quality.

The Essence of Southern Cooking: Our product offers a rich and creamy taste that has been an integral part of Southern culinary traditions. We’re proud to continue this legacy through each bag of grits we produce.

Acclaimed by Experts: Recognized by Southern Living for our authentic flavor, our grits are a testament to our dedication to quality.

A Journey through Taste and Time: With every spoonful of our white corn grits, you’re not just enjoying a meal, but partaking in a piece of our cherished family history.

Discover the Unique World of Stone-Ground Grits: Learn the differences in texture, flavor, and preparation between stone-ground and regular grits. Mashed’s insightful article provides a thorough understanding of why stone-ground grits are a culinary treasure. Enhance your knowledge here.

Hear It From Our Customers: Real Stories, Real Satisfaction

🌽 A Carolina Tradition Revisited
“This is what real Carolina Grits are supposed to taste like. A true taste of home for a relocated Carolina boy. I highly recommend these grits to any true connoisseur of this Southern staple.”
Ken Barlow

🌾 A Gluten-Free Game Changer
“The only gluten-free grits we could find were yellow grits from another company & they just didn’t stack up to white grits. Then I discovered Palmetto Farms! White grits & gluten-free!!! These grits are delicious. Thank you Palmetto Farms!”

🥣 Changing Perceptions
“These are the ONLY grits I eat. My husband is from KY and has always eaten grits which I have always called ground cardboard. But Palmetto Farms grits are really good. Surprisingly, I like them!”


Nutritional Value and Educational Impact:
Stone-ground grits, unlike their more processed counterparts, retain much of the natural fiber and nutrients found in the whole corn kernel. This makes them a more nutritious option, particularly important for school children who require wholesome, energy-rich foods for their growing bodies and minds. The inclusion of Palmetto Farms grits in school menus offers a whole grain alternative, aligning with nutritional guidelines and promoting healthier eating habits among students. The grits provide essential nutrients like B vitamins, iron, and trace minerals, contributing to a balanced diet.

Culinary Versatility:
The medium consistency of Palmetto Farms grits strikes a perfect balance between coarse and fine textures. This versatility makes them suitable for a range of dishes, from traditional Southern breakfasts to modern culinary creations. Their ability to absorb flavors and maintain a desirable texture under various cooking methods makes them a favorite in commercial kitchens, where consistency and quality are paramount.

Sustainable and Local Sourcing:
In a time when consumers and institutions are increasingly conscious of the origins of their food, Palmetto Farms stands out for its commitment to non-GMO, US sourced corn. This approach not only supports US agriculture but also ensures a lower carbon footprint and promotes sustainable farming practices. By choosing Palmetto Farms, schools and restaurants are not only serving nutritious meals but also contributing to the local economy and environmental sustainability.

A Taste of Southern Heritage:
The use of stone-ground grits is deeply rooted in Southern culinary tradition. By incorporating Palmetto Farms grits into their menus, schools and restaurants are not just offering a meal; they are sharing a piece of Southern heritage. This aspect of cultural preservation is particularly significant in educational settings, where it can be used to teach students about regional history and culinary practices.

In summary, Palmetto Farms’ stone-ground white grits are more than just a food product; they are a blend of nutritional value, culinary versatility, sustainable practices, and cultural heritage, making them an exemplary choice for various food service applications.

Palmetto Farms: A Timeline of Tradition and Quality

  • 1934: Foundation and Beginnings
    James Graham built and began operating a stone mill in northeast South Carolina, marking the start of a legacy in grits and corn meal production for local families, neighbors, and customers.
  • 1960s: Early Involvement
    David, the grandson of James Graham, spent his summers as a boy working on the family farm, ingraining a deep connection with the family business from a young age.
  • 1994: Continuing the Legacy
    The company saw a significant transition as David Dorman, representing the third generation, took the helm as the owner of the family business, continuing the tradition and passion for quality.
  • 2007: A Focused Vision
    The Palmetto Farms brand was officially established with a dedicated focus on producing one specialty product: high-quality, old-fashioned, stone-ground grits. This move positioned Palmetto Farms as a leading producer in America of all-natural stone-ground grits.
  • 2011: Expansion and Growth
    Responding to increasing demand, Palmetto Farms expanded its operations with David’s sons, Devin and Andrew, joining the business. This marked the involvement of the fourth generation in the family enterprise.
  • 2015: Cultural Recognition
    In a nod to the company’s impact and the cultural significance of grits in the region, the Mayor of Conway, SC, declared April 14th as “Eat South Carolina Grits Day,” celebrating the state’s culinary heritage.
  • 2023: Present-Day Excellence
    Palmetto Farms continues to uphold the high standards set since its inception. The company offers the same quality grits and corn meal that have been produced since the beginning, available both online and in local grocery stores, ensuring that customers everywhere can enjoy the creamy, stone-ground goodness.


Muslin Cloth Bags – Exclusive and Artisanal: Our traditional muslin cloth packaging is available for those who appreciate the art of classic grits-making. Visit Palmetto Farms for this premium option, embodying the spirit and history of our milling practices.