Heritage Stone Ground Mixed Grits – Now In Eco-Friendly Resealable Packaging!


Look no further for your fix of southern goodness.  80 years of family experience utilized to bring you the best Mixed Stone Ground Grits available.  The best quality corn, stone ground with traditional methods and packaged in a 100% cotton bag that’s sewn, printed and stuffed right here on the farm in the US of A.  We take pride in what we do, and it’s our pleasure to offer you part of our family tradition.

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Golden Heritage: Non-GMO Mixed Corn Grits

Eco-Friendly & Easy-to-Use Packaging Since 1934

Generous Quantity & Unsurpassed Quality:

Our 32-ounce bags of mixed corn grits (a blend of white and yellow corn) are a testament to our long-established milling traditions. These grits bring both quality and heritage to your culinary experiences.

Environmentally Conscious Packaging:

We’ve committed to eco-friendly PCR film bags, ensuring our mixed grits stay fresh. Plus, this packaging choice reflects our dedication to environmental care.

Distinguishing Features of Our Grits:

Traditional Milling Techniques:

Our age-old stone grinding process involves non-GMO white and yellow corn. This method retains the corn’s authentic flavors and nutritional content.

All-Natural Processing:

Our mixed grits undergo minimal processing, guaranteeing they are both natural and rich in taste.

Select Quality Corn:

We meticulously choose only the finest non-GMO corn. This careful selection is crucial for the superior taste and texture of our grits.

Muslin Cloth Bags:

Our handcrafted muslin bags represent a blend of traditional styles and quality. They are perfect for those who appreciate the art of classic packaging.

Storage Recommendations:

Freezing the grits is the best way to preserve their freshness. This method helps maintain their quality over time.

Essence of Southern Cuisine:

Our mixed corn grits offer a unique, creamy taste, making them an essential part of Southern cooking traditions.

Culinary Expert Endorsements:

Recognized by Southern Living for their authentic flavor, our grits demonstrate our unwavering commitment to quality.

A Taste of Tradition:

Each serving connects you to our family’s historical legacy. Enjoy this flavorful and historical journey with every bite.

Learn About Stone-Ground Grits:

Explore the unique characteristics of stone-ground grits. Check out Mashed’s insightful article to understand their distinctive features. Learn more here.

Customer Reviews:

Ken Barlow’s Experience:

“Palmetto Farms’ mixed grits are a true representation of Carolina’s authentic flavors. They’re exceptional.”

Ann’s Gluten-Free Discovery:

“Discovering these amazing gluten-free mixed grits from Palmetto Farms was a game-changer for me.”

Hannah’s New Preference:

“Switching to Palmetto Farms’ mixed grits has completely changed my perspective on grits.”

Nutritional Benefits for Schools:

Rich in essential nutrients, our mixed grits are perfect for school menus. They promote healthy eating among students.

Versatile Cooking Applications:

Our mixed grits have an ideal texture for diverse recipes. They’re suitable for both traditional Southern dishes and creative culinary endeavors.

Commitment to Sustainable Farming:

We use non-GMO, American-grown corn, supporting local agriculture and sustainable practices.

Sharing Our Southern Heritage:

These grits enable schools and restaurants to share a piece of Southern culinary culture. They are key in educating about regional food history.

Palmetto Farms’ Historical Journey:

1934 – The Beginning:

James Graham’s establishment of a stone mill in South Carolina marked our start.

1960s – Immersive Learning:

David, James’ grandson, got hands-on milling experience during summers at the farm.

1994 – New Chapter of Leadership:

David Dorman continued our family’s quest for quality as the third-generation owner.

2007 – A Focused Shift:

We specialized in stone-ground mixed grits, establishing ourselves as industry leaders.

2011 – Growth with Family:

The inclusion of David’s sons introduced a new generation to our business.

2015 – A Tribute to Our Grits:

“Eat South Carolina Grits Day” was established to celebrate our influence in the state.

2023 – Upholding Excellence:

Our commitment to quality remains steadfast, offering our mixed grits through various channels.

Muslin Cloth Packaging – A Symbol of Artisanship:

Visit Palmetto Farms for our exclusive artisanal muslin cloth packaging. It embodies the craftsmanship inherent in traditional grit-making.