Frequently Asked Questions

The corn ground for our products is NON-GMO. Our cloth-packaged mixes (cornbread/hushpuppy/pancake) also include NON-GMO ingredients. Tested per batch at the source for GMO content. If you are unsure about your product, check your bag for our NON-GMO label.
Our Gluten Free products include our cloth-packaged grits, cornmeal, hushpuppy/cornbread/pancake mixes & rice. Official certification for these products per ELISA Technologies. Cheese mixed grits packages are not included under this certification, however, our GF certified products listed above are also tested and cleared of any cross contamination.
We had the privilege to work with the Packaging Science Department from Clemson University to test for freshness and quality of our products. We highly recommend keeping any extra uncooked product in a sealed bag/container in your freezer. Of course, we also recommend consuming our products by their estimated “fresh by” date located on the bottom of the bag. So stock up, freeze, cook and enjoy!
Don’t worry! Those black speckles you see in your bag just means that we use the best corn and the whole kernel. That’s the part of the corn kernel that connects to the cob. As for “washing” your grits, not necessary. But, we know that is a traditional practice in some families and we can respect that!
While our products are made with only NON-GMO corn, we do not carry an Organic certification. We partner with responsible farmers to grow Identity Preserved (IP) premium corn with the strictest of quality control.
While we do not process any Peanuts or Tree Nuts in our facility, we have not obtained official certification for any nut allergens.
We have a solid, well-tested, family approved cornbread recipe located on the back of Skillet Cornbread bag. If you’re interested in using a convection oven, we recommend doing some research for baking temperature and time conversions. We know other factors can affect baking (i.e. elevation, humidity, type of eggs), so do some experimenting if you encounter those situations. But, always make sure the setting you’re buying your mix from has promised a fresh and dry product!
We love this question and we know that some of those store-bought branded grits of your childhood misled you. There are no dyes, no bleach and no secrets to the colors of our grits. We stone grind our corn to bring you the best grits. Yellow grits come from our NON-GMO yellow corn. White grits come from our NON-GMO white corn. We mix the two if you just can’t decide!