Heritage Non-GMO Fine Yellow Corn Meal – New Resealable PCR Packaging




Golden Heritage: Non-GMO Fine Yellow Corn Meal

Eco-Friendly & Convenient Packaging Since 1934

Generous Quantity & Superior Quality:

Our 24-ounce bags of fine corn meal represent our longstanding milling heritage. This corn meal adds both quality and tradition to a variety of dishes.

Environmentally Conscious Packaging:

Since 1934, our commitment to eco-friendliness is reflected in our PCR film bags. They ensure our corn meal stays fresh while supporting environmental sustainability.

Distinctive Features of Our Corn Meal:

Traditional Milling Techniques:

Our non-GMO corn is finely ground using traditional stone milling methods. This process preserves the natural flavor and nutritional value of the corn, making our corn meal a healthier choice.

Natural & Pure Processing:

We focus on minimal processing to retain the corn’s integrity. Consequently, every spoonful is packed with natural, wholesome flavor.

High-Quality Corn:

Our select non-GMO corn is the key to the exceptional taste and fine texture of our corn meal. We meticulously source our corn to ensure premium quality in every bag.

Muslin Cloth Bags:

Our handcrafted muslin bags are a tribute to old-world packaging styles. They’re perfect for those who value traditional methods and quality.

Storage Tips:

Storing the corn meal in the freezer preserves its freshness and extends its shelf life, making it readily available for your culinary needs.

The Essence of Versatile Cooking:

Our fine corn meal is a staple in various cuisines, especially Southern cooking. It’s perfect for making gluten-free cornbread, as no additional wheat flour is required. This makes it an ideal choice for the gluten-free and celiac community.

Praised by Culinary Experts:

Southern Living and other culinary experts have recognized our corn meal for its authentic flavor and fine quality. This praise highlights our commitment to delivering an exceptional product.

A Journey Through Culinary Tradition:

Each use of our corn meal connects you to a rich history of milling. Its versatility allows for a wide range of culinary explorations, from traditional recipes to innovative gluten-free creations.

Understanding Corn Meal:

Learn about the unique characteristics of fine corn meal. Its fine texture makes it an excellent breader, offering a gluten-free alternative to wheat flour. Our corn meal is widely used in gluten-free cooking, providing a versatile base for numerous recipes.

Customer Testimonials:

Ken Barlow’s Experience:

“Palmetto Farms’ corn meal is perfect for my gluten-free recipes. It’s a game-changer for those of us with dietary restrictions.”

Ann’s Gluten-Free Baking:

“Discovering this fine corn meal has revolutionized my gluten-free baking. It’s ideal for making delicious, fluffy cornbread.”

Hannah’s Culinary Adventures:

“Palmetto Farms’ corn meal is my go-to for gluten-free cooking. It’s versatile and adds a wonderful texture to my dishes.”

Nutritional Benefits:

Rich in nutrients, our corn meal is a wholesome choice for various dietary needs. It’s particularly valuable for gluten-free diets, offering a safe and tasty alternative to wheat flour.

Baking and Cooking Flexibility:

Our fine corn meal is ideal for a range of dishes, from cornbread and muffins to coatings for fried foods. It’s a gluten-free baker’s delight, allowing for the creation of numerous baked goods without the need for wheat flour.

Supporting Sustainable Agriculture:

We are dedicated to using non-GMO, American-grown corn, supporting local farming and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Sharing Culinary Heritage:

Our corn meal helps in sharing culinary traditions. It’s perfect for educating about regional and gluten-free cooking practices.

Palmetto Farms’ Milestones:

1934 – Our Beginning:

James Graham’s establishment of a stone mill in South Carolina started our legacy in corn meal production.

1960s – Family Traditions:

David, James’ grandson, learned the milling trade, deepening his connection to our family business.

1994 – Leadership Evolution:

David Dorman continued our family’s legacy in quality corn meal production.

2007 – Specialized Focus:

We honed our focus on producing high-quality stone-ground corn meal.

2011 – Growing the Family Business:

David’s sons joined, adding a new generation to our story.

2015 – Celebrating Our Impact:

“Eat South Carolina Corn Meal Day” recognized our contribution to the state’s culinary heritage.

2023 – Consistent Excellence:

We continue to offer premium quality corn meal, available in various outlets for your cooking and baking needs.

Muslin Cloth Packaging – Artisanal and Unique:

Our exclusive muslin cloth packaging, available at Palmetto Farms, showcases the craftsmanship of traditional corn meal production. It’s a symbol of our commitment to preserving milling traditions.