Old Fashion Aromatic Rice

aromatic riceThe coastal area of South Carolina was the largest producer of aromatic rice during the Colonial Period in American history.  When sailing from the island of Madagascar, Captain John Thurber encountered a storm which forced him to detour to Charleston Harbor for immediate repairs.

While in Charleston, Captain Thurber me the town’s best know resident, Henry Woodward, the first English settler in the area. As a token of friendship, Thurber gave Woodward a bag of rice.  Woodward decided to try the rice on his plantation and this started the cash crop for aromatic rice.

Thomas Jefferson, a very successful businessman and farmer traveled to Charleston to learn why this rice, also known as Italian rice, was able to sell for a higher price than the standard Carolina rice. Jefferson became one of the biggest fans of this new aromatic rice.

During the Colonial Period there were at least 100 rice plantations which fed off the inland rivers flowing from ocean title bays.  Rice still remains a commodity in the Low Country area of South Carolina, however, it is now grown in small plots around the state.

Carolina Aromatic Rice is a medium to long-grain rice and is known for its nut-like aroma and taste. Palmetto Farms is one of the largest wholesalers of this rice. You can find our rice in grocery stores and specialty shops around the state.

Visit our shopping online page to see how to order either brown or white rice. Also check our recipe directory for great dishes using aromatic rice.

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