Stone Ground Grits

grits-categoryIt’s said the greatest gift anyone could ever receive is high-quality, real grits.

Okay, so maybe we’re the only ones who say that. But we stand by our words.

Honest-to-goodness grits like the kind made here at Palmetto Farms are unlike anything your mouth has previously met.

Sure, your mouth has dated many delicious dishes over the years while searching for its savory soul-mate, but none of them have ever given it the same warm feeling.

Eating real grits like the ones we slowly ground in our traditional stone mill is like getting under the covers when it’s cold — it’s an incredible feeling.

But not all grits are created equal. Matter of fact, ours are straight up better. Why? Because we make them with love. But what about beyond the mom-sounding answer?

Palmetto Farms grits are made from the best quality food-grade corn available, are non-GMO and gluten free.

When our grits are cooked, they are smooth, creamy, delicious, and full of rich, natural flavor. There is no chemical processing, nothing added, and nothing taken away…. except your mouth’s sad feelings.. You’ll be glad you did.

Visit our online store to order some of the finest grits you’ll ever taste. You’ll be glad you did.

We also make a variety of stone ground grits:

◙  Cheddar Grits buy now
◙  Garlic Grits buy now
◙  Jalapeno Grits buy now


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