Stone Ground Grits

grits-categoryIf you grew up in the Carolina’s you know that stone ground grits are a staple for breakfast.  This southern comfort food is cooked up into a smooth porridge similar to polenta.

At Palmetto Farms we process grits the old fashion way: We only use the finest food-grain corn to provide our customers the quality they demand.

We pour the corn into the hopper to be fed into the stone mill. The corn is then metered and fed into the stones to be ground. Air created by fans that run off the mill system blow the ground corn through a tube. The funnel creates a cyclone that separates the ground corn from the air. The ground corn is then fed to a machine that separates corn meal and grits.

We also market varieties of stone ground grits:

◙  Cheddar Grits buy now
◙  Garlic Grits buy now
◙  Jalapeno Grits buy now

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Palmetto Farms Mills and Merc
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Galivants Ferry, SC 29544
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