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About Palmetto Farms

Palmetto Farms is a farm based, family owned milling company in South Carolina. The owner is David Dorman. David's grandfather started grinding grits and corn meal in the early 1930s. David is proud to be following in the footsteps of his family by continuing to make quality traditional products using time proven milling methods.

Grits have become more popular in the past few years. This food has actualy gone from "lowly breakfast food" to "gourmet status" with dishes like "shrimp and grits". Grits have also become more popular as people begin to understand the nutritional benefits of natural grains and products made from them.

Not all grits are the same. Most grits are highly processed. They can be cooked quickly and last a very long time on the grocery store shelf. Along with all the processing goes the flavor, texture and nutritional value. We don't consider those real grits. Palmetto Farms Stone Ground Grits are made from the best quality corn available. The grain is slowly ground in a traditional stone mill, so it retains all of the natural oils found in the germ. When our grits are cooked they are smooth, creamy, delicious, and full of that rich natural flavor. There is no chemical processing, nothing added, nothing taken away. Real stone ground grits are "speckled" and will always contain small specks of corn bran and tip cap.

Palmetto Farms is dedicated to providing it's customers with tradional products that are the highest quality and best value.

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Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I will be purchasing more in the future and am letting everyone in Northern Virginia know that your grits are AWESOME! I have them for dinner, lunch, breakfast, midnight snack. They go good with anything... sausage gravy, chip beef gravy, cheese, butter, shrimp... need I say more?
Ruthie from Alexandria, Virginia


I stumbled upon Palmetto Farms Yellow Corn Grits years ago while on vacation. I love incorporating fresh local ingredients into my menus and Palmetto Farms stone ground grits are quite possibly the best grits I have found! They are the only grits that I use for my shrimp and grits! The deep earthy flavor of the corn really sets this dish apart and makes it something to truly remember! My clients love the fact that we use fresh local ingredients, and support local farmers! Palmetto Farms Yellow Corn Grits are a staple in my kitchen and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a truly exceptional product! - Chef Christopher Rawlings | Gourmet2Go Catering   803-269-9826